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Coaching Clergy and Other Church Workers in Southern California Nevada Conference 

of the United Church of Christ

About SabbathPoint


  • rest from work
  • ordered by the Divine to benefit all
  • modeled by the Divine...must be OK for you!


  • a place on a map
  • the specific season of your life today
  • to see a direction forward...and go there confidently!

SabbathPoint Mission

To see you as you are in this present moment; listening deeply to and for your wisdom; and by asking powerful questions, to coach you to move forward confidently from the point you are today into the next steps of your life and work

What is Coaching?

Good Questions!  

That's what makes coaching 

a distinct field--good, powerful, 

laser-sharp questions 

from a coach listening intently and deeply just to you.

Coaching helps you unravel the chaos.

Coaching helps you sort your own wisdom, and see Divine wisdom, too.

Deep Listening. Powerful questions based on the listening. Action and accountability. Boom. Done.

(Coaching in 13 Words!)

SabbathPoint Services


SabbathPoint is a spiritually-based coaching relationship, 

designed especially for clergy persons and other religious workers 

to take an intentional brief rest from the work of ministry.

Located in Angelus Oaks in the San Bernardino Mountains 

of Southern California, we offer you a place to rest, literally...


As you sit with your coach, in person, face-to-face, 

surrounded by pines, cedars and oaks, your coaching truths 

may be punctuated by a hummingbird's quiet feeding 

or the majestic soaring of a hawk.


Give yourself this truly unique gift of a space apart 

to be enveloped in nature's vibrancy and hear the forest's whispers.

Come, for no matter what season of life you're in today, 

SabbathPoint can meet you where you are 

and help you move forward with confidence.

Your Coach is The Rev. Dr. Sharon R. Graff


I am a Progressive Celtic Christian, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and have served local congregations and para-church organizations throughout Southern California since 1983.


I am currently a Coach-in-Training, 

receiving ongoing training 

through Coaching4Clergy, 

which is accredited to the highest level 

by the International Coaching Federation.


I know some things 

about the necessity of regular Sabbath rest--and practice Sabbath in a variety of ways.

I look forward to welcoming you to 

this SabbathPoint in your life!

SabbathPoint...A Place to Rest, Reflect, Respond, Achieve

Coaching Session Details

Sessions are two (2) hours in length, and depending on the season, include time for you to enjoy a leisurely walk in the refreshing mountain air, or read a book on the peaceful deck overlooking a panoramic forest view, 

or sit in silence inside or out, or, or, or...

This time is yours to craft as you want and need.

During your session, and at your leading, 

your coach will meet you for a 38-minute 

personalized coaching conversation.


Many of the photos on this site were taken either at the SabbathPoint location or on the journey to it. May they inspire you to imagine and realize your own SabbathPoint!


Individual Coaching

$319 For three (3) individualized sessions of SabbathPoint

coaching services, as described above,

one (1) per month for three (3) months

Small Group Coaching


A modified small group coaching experience, of up to six (6) clergy or religious workers, meeting together on one (1) day, for a three-hour SabbathPoint session, details as described above; this includes a 1-1/2 hour (90 minute) group coaching

conversation, the topic to be decided by the group, plus time for your small group to enjoy the forest

UCC? Sessions are FREE!

Yes, for a time, these forested coaching sessions are FREE -- zero dollars -- you heard right -- FREE for UCC Clergy and Church Workers in the Southern California Nevada Conference. Act now to schedule your free SabbathPoint!

All fees are negotiable

Please contact me below to discuss your needs!

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